Fire Protection Previous Projects


The following references will give an indication of the top customers that have had firesets supplied and installed.

The lists of previous projects completed as provided on this website is not a fully comprehensive list of all projects that have been completed by Davron.

In preparing the list we tried to show the reader that:

  • We have completed projects throughout Africa
  • We have provided pumps to all different specifications
  • Our pumpsets have been supplied to many different end users
  • We have supplied in all market segments
  • For some key customers we have supplied again and again.

We have also tried to highlight some larger projects, to highlight to our clients and our skills and ability to handle higher profile, high value and more complex jobs.


List of previous fire protection projects:

ASIB Industrial Pumps
If You Would Like To View a List Of Our Fire Pumps Installed in 2016, you can download our PDF.  ASIB Pumps Installed in 2016
ASIB Commercial Pumps Installed
View a Comprehensive List of the commercial pumps installed. ASIB References For Commercial Applications in 2016
ASIB Special Risks & Mining Pumps
View a Comprehensive List of the special risks & mining pumps we have installed. ASIB References For Mining Applications in 2016
NFPA Commercial Pumps
View a Comprehensive List of the NFPA commercial pumps installed in 2016. NFPA 20 Projects Completed Commercial 2016
NFPA Industrial Pumps
View a Comprehensive List of the NFPA industrial pumps installed from 2014-2016.

NFPA_20_Projects_Completed Industry_2014

NFPA Projects Completed Industry 2015

NFPA Projects Completed Industry 2016

NFPA Special Risks & Mining Pumps
View a Comprehensive List of the NFPA special risks & mining pumps installed in 2016. NFPA Projects Completed Mining 2016


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