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Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Davron Equipment is an A.S.I.B approved installer of fire pumps and associated fire equipment. We can offer equipment which will conform to the A.S.I.B, S.A.B.S, L.P.C, NFPA 20, AS2941 or FM regulations.

Davron equipment is the official supplier of Patterson Pumps for South Africa and the Sub-Saharan Africa region. Patterson Pumps is one of the largest suppliers of FM approved pump equipment in the USA.

Davron Equipment is able to offer a complete solution as a single source supplier, supplying main items such as pumps, engines and panels as a package, to secure total integration and compliance with technical requirements, rules and regulations.

Davron Equipment was established in March 1990 and is now one of the biggest suppliers of fire pumps and associated fire equipment within Southern Africa.

Turnkey Solutions

As we are already active and involved on many sites, and armed with 30 years of experience in the supply, installation and commissioning of fire pumps and associated equipment, it has become the obvious natural progression, that we as at today, look at our clients’ entire pumping needs. Davron Equipment now offers the sales, support, after sales service, installation and commissioning of all pumping needs. Examples are the boosters sets for supply of clean water, pumps for use in heating and cooling in a building, pumps for drainage and removal of waste water from the building.

Installing Fire Equipment Since 1990

Today, with more than 30 years of experience , superior quality products, and in depth understanding of the fire industry, Davron Equipment is the leading supplier and installer of fire pumpsets and associated equipment.

Previous Projects:

Medupi Power Station

Davron Equipment have supplied pumps and associated equipment to phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 of the medupi power station. Prestigious building protected by Davron Equipment Fire Pumps.

Silo No 1 Office

The No. 1 Silo office development is only the second building to be awarded a 6 star green rating in South Africa and the first in Western Cape. Davron Equipment were successful in supplying 4 x Multistage pumps, complete with tap-offs at different stages, thus reducing the number of pumps, and offering a better overall hydraulic design of the system layout.


Davron Equipment have supplied pumps and associated equipment to all the major stations on the Gautrain project. Examples, are Sandton, Marlboro, Rosebank and Park Station.

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