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Commissioning of New Equipment

Davron Equipment are able to offer commissioning assistance for all equipment and fire pumps.

After many years of experience in commissioning, we have gained valuable experience in preparing for commissioning, doing checks prior to commissioning, and efficiently handling the commissioning of a pump room, to ensure successful completion and handing over of the fire pump system.

We will provide the client with a list of what is to be checked, to ensure a successful commissioning can be done. This is done in the interest of the customer, to avoid aborting commissioning or having to redo commissioning at a later stage.

During commissioning, we conductive a number of checks, as well as various tests, to verify to the client the system is operational, and functions as required. The commissioning is signed off by the client once he finds the commissioning acceptable, and the system is then left online and handed over to the client.

As part of commissioning the pump alignment is checked to ensure pumps are handed over to the client, in a condition or manner which will provide the longest possible service life.

Commissioning during refurbishment, upgrades and repairs

Davron Service and Maintenance will on completion of an annual service, repair, refurb or upgrade of any equipment or the system, commission the fire pumps in accordance with a standard commissioning schedule, which they will request clients to sign off once completed

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