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Vertical Turbine Pumps

Davron Equipment offers a wide range of vertical turbine pumps, which are one of the most versatile pumps we can offer in terms of fire fighting equipment. The Vertical Turbine Fire Pump stands on Pattersons more than 50 years of vertical pump expertise. Because it embodies the latest design concepts and engineering technology, this pump is the ideal fire fighting equipment. Flexible staging enables these units to meet capacity requirements in a minimum of floor space. Standard construction offers cast iron discharge heads with a fabricated steel column, stainless steel head and bowl shafts, or alloy steel line shaft and cast iron bronze fitted bowls. Special metallurgies are also available. No priming is necessary to provide flows from 500 to 5,000 gpm (1,892 to 18,925 litres/min), with pressures in excess of 350 psi (24 bar)

Pump Controllers
In addition to being able to supply a comprehensive range of fire pump designs, and drivers to match, Davron Equipment also offers control and monitoring panels, alarms and annunciators to suit the different pump designs, pump configurations and specifications.As with our pump solutions, we are able to offer the controls, panels, alarms and annunciators to the ASIB, NFPA 20 and LPCB specifications. We could offer anything from basic controllers to MCC panels. The controllers are offered to different Fire Standards and design specifications, but we can accommodate certain customer changes or preferences for fire fighting equipment. Examples are IP65 degree of protection, Nema 4 enclosures on NFPA panels, stainless steel panel enclosures, or different painting colours etc.
Progressive Captivity Pumps
Davron Equipment is able to supply progressive cavity (positive displacement) pumps, which are typically used for pumping a foam concentrate on fire fighting applications. The most recent supply of progressive cavity pumps was done for Transnet on their New Multi Product Pipeline. Davron Equipment supplied the progressive pumps as part of skids, which were installed along the various pump stations along the pipeline between Durban and Gauteng.
Global Vision Flow Meters
Quality Global Vision offers only superior quality in all of our meters. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, and that is obvious in the products we supply. The first thing you will notice with our meter, is the lack of “bounce” in the needle. This is a custom designed GVI innovation that will give you accurate readings every time. In addition, each piece is individually tested to preform to our strict quality and performance standards before leaving our warehouse. Warranty We are so confident in our fire safety Test Meters that we send all with a full 5 Year Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. You will not find a better warranty than GVI.
Jockey Pumps
Davron Equipment offer vertical multistage pumps, which function as the jockey pumps / pressure sustaining pumps. The pumps are required to maintain the system pressure when there are small draw offs, thus limiting the number of starts for the main pumps.
End Suction Pumps
We offer a full range of end suction pumps, from various manufacturers such as Grundfos, KSB and Patterson. Davron Equipment believes in delivering in the best quality to their clients, and it is for this reason that the products we use are of the top Brands or manufacturers. Davron Equipment utilises the wet end from the pump manufacturer, and adds to this the various drivers, couplings and controllers as required, and mounts these on the relevant baseplate, skid or container. On NFPA installations with end suction pumps, Davron Equipment will source the complete pumpset from Patterson, and this will be supplied to the client. We are able to assist with installation, commissioning, training, as well as service and maintenance of these pumpsets and related fire fighting equipment. On ASIB installations with end suction pumps, Davron Equipment provides the end client with a Davron selected wet end, a suitably sized driver from the top driver manufacturers, controllers which are suitably sized and to specification, and mounts the items on a common baseplate or skid as required.
Davron Equipment is able to supply skids of various designs, including skids to customer specification. The Davron Equipment scope of supply could consist of the Engineering, Design, Manufacture, Testing, Installation supervision, and Commissioning of the pumpsets. The skid itself could consist of as many of the items as required by the client or application. In most cases, the goal is to build the skid as a plug and play solution, thus requiring minimal input from the clients once the pumpsets arrive at site. The Skids offer the end client savings on labour, requirements for specialised skills, training of staff, and the time required get the unit up and running. An single end suction pump, diesel driven, required to be supplied as a skid. Davron supplies the pump, driver, heat exchanger, jockey pump, control panels, DB boards and alarms, as well as the test arrangement. All piped up and pressure switches wired to the panels. Would only require piping of the test arrangement at site, piping to suction and discharge flanges, and wiring of incoming power to controller.” Skids as supplied to Transnet for their New Multi Product Pipeline can be seen above. These skid mounted units consisted of the Centrifugal pumps, Progressive cavity pumps, Diesel Engines with Heat-exchangers, Intercoolers, Belt drive assemblies, NFPA control panels and fuel tanks all mounted on a common skid.”
Containerised Pump Hoses
Davron Equipment has extensive experience in supplying containerised fire pump houses and fire fighting equipment. These pump houses vary from standardised systems built into a container, to systems build according to customer specifications. The containers could comprise the various pump arrangements, such as electrically driven fire pumps, standby diesel driven fire pumps, jockey pumps. The electrical supply could include lighting, plugs for alternate use, DB boards, electrical pump starter and controller, diesel engine controller, jockey pump controller. The auto start test arrangement, suction and discharge piping, valves, gauges and pressure switches, and fuel tanks for the diesel driven pumpsets are typically installed. Davron Equipment have supplied many containerised pump houses, with most recent supply being to Mbarara Breweries. SABMillers Ugandan subsidiary, Nile Breweries Limited opened its new brewery in Mbarara. Davron were successful in supplying a fully containerised pumpset to this client. The container is converted, and doors and louvres etc are fitted. The container is fitted with a 220 kW Electrically driven pumpset, a standby pumpset comprising a 184 kW Diesel Engine, as well as 2 x Jockey pumps. We also fitted the Pump House Distribution Board, complete with Annunciators, diesel and electric controllers. The containerised units are “plug and play” solutions.
Horizontal Multi Stage
As part of our product offering, Davron are not only able to offer multi stage pumps for the higher head applications, but we are able to offer multi stage pumps with multiple tap off branches. The advantages of the multistage pump with multiple tap offs is, that you are able to protect a multiple level building, and simultaneously reduce the number of pumps needed. The single pump is able to deliver the required water, at the correct pressure for a defined zone or defined number of levels, and at the same deliver the required flow, and required pressure for an alternate defined zone or number of levels in the building. The ability to provide the flows at different pressures for different zones, thus improves the overall hydraulic design and efficiency of the system. The pictures shown here, are only some of many horizontal Multi stage pumps Davron Equipment have supplied in the market. Davron have recently supplied multi stage pumps for the No.1 Silo Project in Cape Town, Radisson hotel Mozambique, and the Fairscapes Project, which is a mixed use property development project in Fairgrounds, Botswana. Give us a call to find out more about of fire fighting equipment.
Horizontal Split Casing Pumps
Davron Equipment could offer pumps of the Horizontal Split casing design for pumps used in fire protection applications. The horizontal split casing pumps can be offered as diesel or electrically driven units, and can be offered baseplate mounted, skid mounted or as a containerised unit. Horizontal split casing pumps, are pumps which have an Axially split volute casing, with integrally cast feet and replaceable casing wear rings. The impeller is of the double entry radial type, for balancing of the radial loads, thus ensuring lower vibration levels and longer life span of pump components. These pumps are offered with Gland Packing as a standard on fire fighting applications, but mechanical seal can be offered. The Horizontal split casing pumps are offered in cast iron materials of contruction with bronze impellers for fire fighting equipment applications where clean water is pumped. If the water to be pumped would be corrosive, as would be the case with pumping sea water, then pumps can be offered in stainless steel or duplex stainless. The impellers are trimmed to match the requested duty, and the pumps can be positioned to the left or the right of the pump. When driven by diesel engines, we may be limited to the direction of rotation that is available from diesel engines, as well as the pump and engine combination that has been approved (applicable to NFPA sets).

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